Advertising Options Updated Feb, 28 2006

Inclusion in our list with Area and Category codes. This means that your entry will appear in the search result pages of the specific category or area or both, generated through various links not only from our home page but also from a large number of pages of interkriti. (Regional info, maps, image galleries etc.)
Category codes are: Accommodation, Car & Bike Rental, Real Estate, Entertainment, Regional...etc
Area codes are (based on the 20 counties - eparhies - of Crete) 101, 102,...,203,...305,..404 as you can see them in the small map on our home page.
The entry in this option includes:
  • The internet address of your site (
  • The title of your site
  • The location (i.e. Iraklion)
  • The area code (i.e. 302)
  • The category code (i.e. Accommodation)
  • The short description (~ 250 characters)

This option is the same as the above, but with a small image (110x70 pixels and <2.5 kbytes) in gif or jpg format, that appears with the description. The text of the short description in this option can be ~ 350 characters.

3. ROTATING BANNERS (Graphic and Text)
Our banners both in graphic (images or flash movies with dimensions 468x60pixels) or in text format appear randomly on over 10.000 pages and take the visitor - if clicked - to the advertiser's page.
Each banner has approximately 200 - 400 impressions per day - depending on the season - with a click thru ratio around 70 : 1, which means that the sponsor's page receives a minimum of 1500 visitors per year.
The banners are registered with Area & Category Codes and are "targeted" which means that a banner has bigger chance to appear on pages with related to it, content. The result is that the visitor is more likely interested in visiting the advertiser's website.
Currently text banners appear on a very limited number of pages, especially those with haevy graphics and are still on experimental stage. The entry in this option includes:
  • The internet address of your site (
  • The graphic banner (~15kbytes)
  • The ALT text that appears when the cursor passes over the banner
  • The title of your site (~50 characters)*
  • A short description or motto (~110 characters)*
    *For the text format

Those are graphic banners (dimensions 120 x 78 pixels, ~6 kbytes) that appear on pages of the advertiser's choice.

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